People Counting & Tracking

2D and 3D Stereo Vision Sensors for Retail Analytics

Fundamentals of Retail Traffic Counting -
A Guide to Core Metrics and Key Insights

• First queueing and tracking solutions using single-lens cameras with PC processing in 2002.

• Pioneers in 3D stereo vision sensors since 2005 setting a new standard in counting accuracy.

• First to offer a Bluetooth/WiFi enabled 3D stereo vision sensors in 2015.

• FLIR Employee Filtering Feature

• Automatic Counts

• Easily concealed staff identfication

• Most accurate and reliable

• Trusted by over 100 channel partners worldwide.

• A comprehensive product portfolio to meet our partners' current and future operational and marketing needs.

• Global service and technical support network with local expertise.

People Counting and Tracking Sensors

The Brickstream line of sensors provides highly accurate, anonymous information about how people move into, around, and out of physical places. These smart devices are installed overhead inside retail stores, malls, banks, stadiums, transportation terminals and other brick-and-mortar locations to measure people’s behaviors within the space.
Brickstream 3D Gen 2

Brickstream® 3D Gen 2

Industry-standard device, highest accuracy
By taking advantage of Brickstream's reliable performance, you can focus on driving strategies for increased retail conversion and more efficient transportation hubs and smart buildings.
Brickstream 3D+

Brickstream® 3D+

Video, Wi-Fi and iBeacon in one sensor
3D stereo based people counter that combines traffic counting along with passerby, dwell time, and integration with marketing apps via Wi-Fi and iBeacon technology.
brickstream 2d

Brickstream® 2D

Entry level, low cost people counter
Single lens video capture for low to medium traffic volumes with consistent lighting, available at a lower price point. Also suitable for secondary entrances such as side doors.
Device Manager Software

Device Manager Software

Time saving software for all sensors
Device Manager is command central for all Brickstream devices, and enables users to quickly access, manage, configure, and troubleshoot devices across multiple locations.
Brickstream People Tracking Sensors

About FLIR Brickstream

Since their launch in early 2000, the Brickstream line of sensors has become the market leader in people counting and tracking for retail analytics with more than 200,000 sensors deployed globally. They are recognized as the most advanced, accurate, and reliable stereo vision sensors in the world. Read more